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thank you, thank God


     Wisdom has been a hard gift for me to accept and believe I own. School was never my favorite and I took a lot of it for granted. There was a lot of teaching that I didn’t soak in due to lack of attention and care. I forget super simple things really easily. My brain tends to get scrambled and my mouth can’t catch up sometimes. I tend to stutter, ramble, and talk in circles; so here comes insecurity. At some point, I decided that all of these beautifully flawed pieces of me took away the wisdom that I was created with. It has created walls that say I don’t have what it takes to disciple and teach. It has kept me from fully embodying freedom, and confidence, and authenticity, but no more! I have begun a journey of believing in my intelligence. The Father is constantly speaking that over me, my community is speaking that over me and I have begun to do the same. I am beginning to truly believe that to be true so that I can truly give that away.

     -With that, what I’d like to give you all is a huge THANK YOU. To those of you who financially supported me to spend this five months at CGA, thank you for your sacrifice. For all of you who have been in prayer for my class and I, thank you for your kindest heart. Thank you to those of you who have reached out to me and loved me well in this season and all seasons. I am so grateful for all of you and I pray blessings on blessings in your life. It’s been a season of such goodness. It’s been hard and its been a blessing. I am so glad to have this opportunity of my life.

    I move out on Sunday and that realization only partially hits me about a minute a day. This time I have spent here in Gainesville has been nothing and everything I hoped for it to be. It’s been all that it needed to be. freely given, abundant fruit- The Lord provides that goodness every single day, and boy have I learned what a choice that is to receive. CGA is somewhere I learn truth and it’s where a community of intentional, pure love is found. This has been a space the Lord has used to push me within and out of my brokenness, (where the deep waters are found) while giving the greatest amount of grace. I’ve had sweet pals stand beside me and speak into my life as I learn exactly who I am. I am a sweet daughter of the King of the universe!! I am full of freedom and I am intelligent. I am a disciple created to disciple.

     You all are rock stars and forever, I am grateful for every single one of you.